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In this article found in today's New York Times, author Steve Lohr comments on government innovation.  He refers to the Institute for Large Scale Innovation, started by former Harvard professor John Kao a few months ago to "support development and ...Read More

As the health care debate heats up, here is a spin with a theme common to many posts on this site: Incentives. The title of the article in the Atlantic doesn't mince words: Fat Smokers with High Blood Pressure Beware. It ...Read More

The scratchy image above is the page 35 of British MP Jim Murphy's Additional Costs Allowance from 2007/2008. Item 5 on the list is a shave mirror for £17. Whether that is a legitimate expense to pass along to ...Read More

The Stimulus Bill, formally known as American Investment and Recovery Act of 2009, is 1,1000 pages long. It was made available in its final form on February 12 at 10:45pm.  About 13 hours later, the report was brought up for ...Read More

An estimated 1200 municipalities and institutions around the world use a participatory budget process, yet none in the United States.  The 49th Ward in Chicago plans to be the first. An initiative led by a Brown Sociology Professor Gianpaolo Baiocchi is ...Read More

We have posted previously about the excitement drawn from following a state legislator while voting on the house floor during a weekend session as deadlines loomed. Since then, we've been made aware of this section of SourceWatch - Your ...Read More

Beginning days after President Obama took office, calls for government transparency are everywhere (I realize Mr. Obama did not invent transparency and that there were watchdog groups and transparency advocates before, but things surely have intensified in the last ...Read More

Washington D.C. was ranked best municipal website recently, according to the Public Technology Institute. City websites were surveyed jointly by the E-Governance Institute, School of Public Affairs and Administration at Rutgers University-Newark, and the Department of Public Administration at ...Read More

In Chicago, intersections that have been equipped with red-light cameras have seen traffic accident occurrences decrease by 20%.  In addition, they have generated revenue for the city to the tune of $122 million, valuable at a time when city budgets ...Read More